Annual Report 2020


As of December 31, 2020, HMS Hydraulic Machines & Systems Group Plc had an issued share capital of Euro 1,171,634.27 divided into 117,163,427 ordinary shares with par value of Euro 0.01 per share, and these shares are not traded.

Currently there are 6,676,593 depositary receipts outstanding in the GDR program.

Long Term Incentive Plant

During 2020, the Group’s Executive Directors and PDMRs acquired an interest over the Company's GDRs following the grant of awards under the Company's LTIP for the 2017 and 2018 award years. The awards were the part of a grant of GDRs to the company's managers as a motivational package under the LTIP.

Since the start of the LTIP, the total amount of GDRs awarded to its participants has equaled to 4.81% of the company's issued share capital.

Credit ratings

Fitch RatingsExpert RA
HMS Credit Rating / Outlook B+ / Stable ruA / Stable
Date of Rating /
Date of Confirmation
22 Feb 2017 / 27 July 2020 11 July 2017 / 27 July 2020

Share price

HMS Group’s GDRs performance in 2020, the London Stock Exchange

HMS Group’s GDRs performance in 2020, the London Stock Exchange <span></span>

Price of HMS Group’s GDRs

Period Min, US$Max, US$GDR price at the end
of the period, US$
Market capitalization at the
end of the period, US$ mn
2011 19.90 41.21 22.05516.69
2012 19.50 29.90 21.10494.43
2013 10.50 21.15 12.50292.41
2014 1.30 12.50 1.3030.46
2015 1.30 4.50 2.7664.67
2016 2.05 8.01 7.46174.81
2017 7.46 9.80 9.80229.64
2018 6.60 11.30 7.00164.03
2019 4.10 7.50 4.60107.79
2020 3.50 5.85 3.9091.39
1Q 2020 4.60 5.85 4.90114.82
2Q 2020 3.50 4.90 4.0294.60
3Q 2020 4.00 4.40 4.0093.73
4Q 2020 3.78 4.70 3.9091.39


As a general rule, the company targets to pay our total dividends for a given reporting period in the region of 50% of the “Profit attributable to Shareholders of the Company” for the year, as set out in its IFRS Consolidated Financial Statements, subject to capital constraints such as Debt and Liquidity position and forecast. HMS also plans to pay out dividends basically twice a year (interim and final). Dividends are announced per 1 ordinary share.

For the periods ended in 2019, HMS Group paid Rub 3.41 total dividends per 1 ordinary share (Rub 17.05 per 1 GDR).

History of dividend payments

Period Dividend per
share, Rub
Dividend per
GDR, Rub
announced, Rub mn
Record DatePayment Date
2012 6.82 6.82 799.110.06.201328.06.2013
2013 3.41 3.41 399.510.06.201427.06.2014
2015 5.12 25.60 599.903.06.201621.06.2016
2016 5.12 25.60 600.009.06.201727.06.2017
2017 11.95 59.75 1,400.215.06.201803.07.2018
2018 9.81 49.05 1,149.514.06.201901.07.2019
2019 3.41 17.05 399.519.06.202030.06.2020

Buyback programme

HMS Group started its buyback program in 2012. The main objectives of the program’s implementation were an intention to maximize shareholder value as well as a reduction of the effect of external shocks on GDR’s price. 

Buyback period is 1 year, and the renewal of the program should be approved by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

The total amount of GDRs subject to the Buyback (taking into account any GDRs already owned by the Company) shall not exceed 6% of the subscribed capital of the Company at prevailing market prices.

The GDRs are purchased by the Company with the assistance of Renaissance Capital or any other independent broker as may be further determined by the Board of Directors.

The amount and timing of the planned repurchases is determined by the Company based on its evaluation of its financial condition, business opportunities and market conditions at the time, in accordance with market practices.

The Company’ shares are now held by JSC HMS Holding, though HMS Technologies remains the ultimate controlling parent as the sole shareholder of JSC HMS Holding.

Shareholding by holders,
as of 31.12.2020

Shareholding by holders,<br />as of 31.12.2020

Shareholders by legal entities,
as of 31.12.2020

Shareholders by legal entities,<br />as of 31.12.2020

Information on HMS Group Plc GDRs

Company Type Public
Disclosure December 31
Managing Director (CEO) Artem Molchanov
First Deputy CEO (CFO) Kirill Molchanov
Ticker HMSG
CUSIP RegS: 40425X407
144A: 40425X308
Exchange London Stock Exchange
ISIN RegS: US40425X4079
144A: US40425X3089
Ratio, GDR: common shares 1:5
Issued GDRs 6,676,593
Ordinary shares (share capital) 117,163,427
Local exchange Not traded
Underlying ISIN CY0104230913
Underlying CFI ESVUFR
Despositary bank BNY Mellon