Annual Report 2020

Operational overview

Order intake, Rub mn 20202019Change yoy4Q 20203Q 2020Change qoq
Industrial pumps 17,77322,792-22%4,4295,329-17%
Oil & gas equipment 13,56811,88714%3,3313,514-5%
Compressors 22,61717,36330%7,51110,512-29%
Construction 24715560%325521%
Total 54,20552,1964%15,30419,359-21%

Order intake grew to Rub 54.2 billion by 4% yoy, compared with Rub 52.2 billion in 2019. The compressors business segment was the main contributor to this growth. In terms of contracts type, recurring business was the driver of the growth (+11% yoy), that compensated less large orders signed in the reported period (-10% yoy). 

In 2020, the company signed a range of large contracts, mainly in the compressors business segment.

Backlog, Rub mn 2020 FY2019 FYChange yoy4Q 20203Q 2020Change qoq
Industrial pumps 18,22719,572-7%18,22719,749-8%
Oil & gas equipment 9,3187,42625%9,3189,916-6%
Compressors 24,76516,06754%24,76525,264-2%
Construction 1,5411,628-5%1,5411,652-7%
Total 53,85144,69320%53,85156,580-5%

Backlog reached Rub 53.9 billion, up by 20% yoy, compared with Rub 44.7 billion last year, based on the compressors and the oil & gas equipment business segments. In terms of contracts type, recurring business grew by 32% yoy and large contracts was up 30% yoy, compared with 2019.


Order intake declined by 22% yoy to Rub 17.8 billion, compared with Rub 22.8 billion for 2019, due to less regular orders received and no large contracts signed. Backlog was down by 7% yoy to Rub 18.2 billion, compared with Rub 19.6 billion in 2019. Demand for pumps was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oil & Gas equipment:

Order intake grew to Rub 13.6 billion, by 14% yoy, compared with Rub 11.9 billion in 2019, due to large contracts. Backlog was up by 25% yoy to Rub 9.3 billion, compared with Rub 7.4 billion for 2019, due to both large contracts and regular business.


Order intake grew by 30% YoY to Rub 22.6 billion, compared with Rub 17.4 billion in 2019. Backlog increased to Rub 24.8 billion, compared with Rub 16.1 billion in 2019. Both recurring business and large contracts grew.