Annual Report 2020



HMS Group is a leading Russian machine-building company – a specialist in industrial pumps, compressors, and modular technological units, as well as a provider of integrated solutions for several industries, including oil & gas, petrochemistry, energy, metals & mining and water utilities.

We consider our customer benefits to be our highest priority: building long-term relations has always been a key focus for HMS Group. All our business processes, from R&D to quality control and from manufacturing to sales and aftersales service are geared to provide our clients with high-end products and the most efficient solutions.

Strategic Goals And Priorities

Organic Growth

Our objective is to maintainour leadership across all the Company’s business segments: Industrial Pumps, Industrial Compressors, Oil & Gas Equipment and Projects.

On the one hand, we expand traditional client base by developing new products and more sophisticated solutions. High level of capital investments ensures improvement and modernization of our production sites. On the other hand, HMS Group successfully broadens its client base not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

We also look into options to enter new market segments if we find them promising.

Business efficiency

HMS Group concentrates on profitability and further development in order to create value for shareholders. We implement systematic approach to increase the efficiency of our business, from standalone plants up to the entire Group.

Our technical expertise and proven experience in delivery of technological units allows us to participate in high-margin large projects. We intend to strengthen partnerships with industry leaders to take part in multiple large-scale projects across a number of industries.

The Company continues to develop its standard and engineered product lines; the majority of our products are already among the best in their classes and we will expand our product portfolio further in order to maintain the profitability of our recurring business.

We consider different forms of strategic partnership (joint ventures, consortia, license agreements) with leading machinery and engineering companies, both Russian and international. Thus, we will be able to offer new, more sophisticated products and solutions to our customers.

Sustainable Development

Reliable and up-to-date business processes are crucial for the Company’s sustainable growth.

In the face of a rapidly changing environment, we work on maintaining an effectiveorganization,management and corporate culture. The Company strengthens its competences in marketing, engineering and R&D.

We have a team of highly devoted professionals in all business functions and are dedicated to the development of our personnel: HMS Group has a multi-level system of training for its employees. We focus on the culture of innovation and change by developing incentives to ensure that each employee contributes to the Company’s success.

After 26 years in business, HMS Group is a full-cycle machine-building company that has achieved a leading position among Russian players. The Company follows best practices and international standards in R&D, manufacturing and quality management in order to meet the growing requirements of the market. We actively participate in the government-supported process of import substitution, which allows us to broaden our product portfolio and attract a large number of new clients.

Facing new challenges, we continue to implement the latest and most efficient IT systems, from specialized software for R&D to ERP and IT security solutions.

Corporate Responsibility

HMS Group follows ethical principles with regard to all its stakeholders.

We strictly comply with health and safety international standards in order to lower the environmental impact of our operations. 

We carry out charity activities and offer support to charitable foundations for children and the disabled. In 2020, we continued to provide support to a number of charity funds, schools, and civic and sport organizations in the regions of our business activities.